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Beaverton Youth Football offers a football experience for all children from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. 

K-2 grade Flag Football: $75.00  

Flag football is offered from k-2 grade. It is played sideline to sideline with field width only reaching 30 yards. 7 players are on the field per team. No score is kept and everyone gets a chance at all positions.

3/4 Rookie tackle: $300.00

Rookie tackle was adopted a few years ago and is a great transition program to elements of tackle football. The field placement is from the 40 yard line towards the end zone and the out of bounds is squeezed into the numbers on the field. 7 players are on the field no special teams are allowed. No score is recorded. Everyone has an equal chance to play.

5/6 Tackle Football: $300.00              

This level is the first time athletes will experience the full size field and have eleven athletes on the field per team. The offensive team starts off at the opponents 35 yard line and there is no special teams at this level with the exception of extra points. 

7th Jr. varsity and 8th varsity: $300.00

JV and Varsity play is what we would call regular tackle football. 11 Athletes per team, with full field play. Special teams are included officiating is sometimes done by professional officials. More of a competitive approach as there is playoffs at end of season for teams that qualify.


Who We Are

Beaverton Youth Football is a proud member of the Tualatin Valley Youth Football League and supported by the Beaverton High School Football Coaching Staff. Located in the wonderful city of Beaverton Oregon.


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2021 K-2 Flag Football Registration



Beaverton Football is teaming up with EForce Football to provide an exciting summer football camp for our Beaverton Youth Football players! Beaverton FB has partnered with EForce Football for the month of July to provide a Youth Football Skills Camp. EForce is a football skill development and performance training program, that has a facility in Beaverton ( Their staff of skilled coaches bring collegiate level or beyond experiences and have worked with many of the top athletes in the area in a range of sports! This camp will offer our youth players valuable reps and training in all areas of the game and offer tremendous preparation for the up coming season. After being gone for almost 2 yrs, we feel this camp can help our future Beavers get a jump on the season and set them up for a successful season.
Our hope is that by partnering with EForce, we can give all our athletes a chance to continue to develop their skills leading right up to the start of the season. Please spread the word to any of our families that have youth aged players or to anyone interested in becoming a Football player!

Please see details below:

What: Beaverton Youth Football & EForce Football Kick-off Camp
Where: Beaverton HS
When: Beginning the week of July 5th (Tue/Wed/Thu) | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Who: Grades 5th – 8th | All Positions
Cost: $240 (12 sessions), $120 (6 sessions), $40 (drop-in)


We always want to provide the best possible experience for our players and this is a great way to support our Beaverton Youth Football Program!!!

EForce Summer Camp

    Tualatin Valley Football League

    The Tualatin Valley football league is a tackle based football program for 3rd through 8th grade youth in the Tualatin Valley and Portland metropolitan area in Oregon. With over 50 associations, the program now boasts over 6,500 players and 500+ volunteer coaches.

    The TVYFL is a non-profit football club, whose goal is to provide safe and enjoyable athletic competition. Good sportsmanship, fun developing student athletes and individual growth are our main goals.

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